Debunking car tuning myths

Some Myths about car tuning

When it comes to car tuning there are lots of sites offering bad advice and there are lots of urban myths around.

In this lens I aim to dispel the myths about car tuning and establish a common sense guide when it comes to getting more power out of your engine.

We will focus initially on the engine and handling side of car tuning although there are many other potential areas of improvement when it comes to cars.

Getting the wrong mods or parts can really wreck a car so we suggest you choose very carefully and plan your car tuning project carefully.

Myths about engine tuning

Engine tuning myths

1) Induction kits do not add power to your engine. Despite the claims made my the manufacturers of induction kits very few cars actually see a benefit from adding them. The primary reason for this is that they suck in hot air from the engine bay which carries less oxygen and therefore reduces power. Standard air filter boxes are more than sufficient and if you want to improve the airflow through this then you should add a high flow panel air filter instead. (The benefits will again only be appreciated at the top end of the rev range.)

2) Small engines are worth tuning. Sadly you will end up spending a lot of money on a small engine and see very little gain. For an average expenditure you will only see a gain of upto 10% so if your engine is only producing 70bhp this equates to a barely noticable gain of 7hp. You get a power fluctuation like this using good quality fuel in very cold weather.



Suggest links to decent car tuning sites – Read up some good car tuning advice.

In order to further your knowledge we suggest you try some of the links below to car tuning sites that have a good repuation for giving good advice. 

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