Hidden cost of Tuning cars

What you get out of your car tuning project is very much dependent on what you put into it. The more you spend the better the return and the larger the base power the greater the performance benefit. The aim of this site is to give a sensible overview on engine tuning modifications and realistic expectations.

All you need to know about car tuning stages

Vehicle part makers quote modifications in Stages usually but what does this mean? It is usual for performance part makers and tuning houses to use the numbers 1 – 3 to for each state of tune. To be frank it is actually quite  meaningless as they often mean different things but there are some common threads we can infer between them all.

What do each tuning stages refer to and how do they differ when comparing say a stage 1 with a stage 3 modification.

Everyone you ask will have their own idea and no stage is tied to a power gain or percentage figure.


Debunking car tuning myths

Some Myths about car tuning

When it comes to car tuning there are lots of sites offering bad advice and there are lots of urban myths around.

In this lens I aim to dispel the myths about car tuning and establish a common sense guide when it comes to getting more power out of your engine.

We will focus initially on the engine and handling side of car tuning although there are many other potential areas of improvement when it comes to cars.

Getting the wrong mods or parts can really wreck a car so we suggest you choose v