About Engine Tuning Tips

“Engine tuning tips” is a new site dedicated to the DIY car Tuning enthusiast. We do not subscribe to the bolt it on and if it makes more noise it must go faster philosphy – tuning is much more subtle than this.

It is frustrating that a lot of claims made about performance parts are just plain wrong. The aim of this engine tuning site is to inform and educate and outline the best engine mods around for your car.

Tuning is subjective and we all have our preferences and personal requirements and expectations. By reading our guides and articles you will be in a better position to decide which modifications are right for you. We will also clearly detail the downsides or hidden costs of performance modifications as we go along.

We will be adding articles to the site on a regular basis so check back often, we have some great in depth topics coming soon. Use the comments box on each page to let us know if we’ve got it wrong or to tell us about your experiences with your project.

We believe that knowledge is the key to success and by sharing knowledge we can all increase our skills and abilities and at the same time have fun with our cars.

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