Car Forums for modifying cars

If you want more information on any aspect of car tuning you really should join a car tuning forum.

We would like to recommend the car forums at TorqueCars as these are very friendly, the people on there are happy to give advice and tips and it is a great place to meet other people with the same car as you.

The big benefit of these forums is that they are international and made up with people from all walks of life from professionals in the motor trade, drag racers, drifters and the hobbyist.

We also find a lot of inspiration for our projects by reading up on the progress of the projects on TorqueCars.

One of the big issues of tuning is that it is easy to make mistakes, buy the wrong parts or end up wasting a lot of money. There is really no subsitute for getting tips from people who know about cars and tuning and have probably already made the mistakes themselves.

A lot of companies sell parts which are just not anywhere near as good as they claim and it really helps to get advice and find out which products really work and which are just clever marketing. There is also a wide range of oils and fuel additives out there with many being a waste of money.

There is also a pretty handy makes and models forum on TorqueCars so when you are done talking technical, discussing driving and other motoring related issues you can get stuck in and see what works on your car.

The for sale section is also full of interesting cars, many modified cars have been cherished and are absolute bargains when you compare the price they are offered for with the price people have paid for the parts they have used.