Aftermarket Superchargers

The principle of a supercharger is getting compressed air into the engine. As the air is compressed it contains more oxygen and allows you to burn more fuel. It also helps the maximise the efficiency of your engine.

Converting a NASP engine to forced induction is usually easier with a supercharger due to the linear way they work and they require slightly less work to install than a turbocharger.

Cold air vents and CAI kits

Cars are more lively and perform better when it is colder, you’ll also notice that you make more power and your fuel economy is lower in cold weather.  This is due to the effects of air temperature and the fact that cold air carriers more oxygen than warmer air.  An intake vent will help to address this problem, and can be a stylish addition to your car by providing an easy route for cold air to enter the engine.

Cold air Induction kits

Please note that induction kits will only add power if you have a restriction in your air intake. If you haven't tuned it much then the standard airbox is generally fine and up to the job.

We just like cars need air. In an engine the air needs to be matched precisely to the fuel used into what is referred to as an air to fuel ratio or AFR.

For petrol engine cruising at low load an AFR of around 14.5:1 is the ideal, but under load the engine will require more fuel, with typically around a 13:1 AFR. In a turbo engine the AFR might be much higher at around 11 – 11.6:1.

Generally speaking the more air you have the greater the amount of fuel but some air filters can be quite restrictive so we look at the options of upgraded cold air intake. Most engines will automatically trim the fuel to match the air depending on how many unburnt particles there are in the exhaust.

How to gas flow a head

You should view the head in your engine as a busy and complex highway for air and fuel. All the air that enters your engine has to flows through the head, mix with fuel and then it glows into and into the cylinder via the inlet valves. This air is usually moving into an at high speed and it can be dramatically hampered if it encounters turbulence or obstructions.