Welcome to Engine Tuning Tips

Welcome to the engine tuning tips website. We have a few other tuning sites out there with a very general focus and thought we should spend some time focussing on the engine.  

There are many tuning options and parts availble to lift the performance of your engine. The overall aim needs to be to increase the useful power band.  

A lot of tuners quote peak BHP figures but in the real world these gains are pointless. Where the power band sits in relation to the gearing is the important thing. You want to keep the car in the power zone before and after each gear change.   

This site aims to cut through the myths and provide a common sense guide to car tuning aimed at everyone from the home DIYer to the professional motor sport mechanic.

Turbo charging and supercharging are the biggest power gains you can do but a NASP engine will need extensive strengthening to make this viable.   We will look in detail at porting polishing and various other methods of tuning from induction and exhaust to changing the engine timing characteristics.   For general car tuning advice including suspension and braking mods see the following sites.  

TorqueCars – Car Tuning – Superb guide on tuning and styling with a very active and friendly forum.

Car Tuning Tips – A series of well written clear and easy to understand articles giving an introduction into the world of car tuning.